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Behind the Creativity

Behind The Creativity


     Cheri Chapman is the creative force and founder of MeadowLark Design, LLC.  She is curious, optimistic, and eager to learn, always looking to new vistas.  Conservation and nature are two of her passions since childhood.  Color and texture raise her heart rate.  Add belief in holistic life style to that passion list too.

     One of Cheri’s best attributes is her creativity.  She has natural ability to see objects and life differently than most people.  As a child attending camp, the counselors brought a group of youth into the woods along a creek for an afternoon lesson.  The campers were asked to look around and draw the most beautiful thing they could see.  Most drew butterflies and flowers.  Cheri drew a piece of Sycamore bark, which littered the creek area where they were sitting.  No one could guess what is was.  They were all surprised to see the bark surrounding them when she disclosed what she had drawn.  Cheri’s eyes look at the world differently than most.  She has creative, intuitive artistic talent!

     One of Cheri’s best thrills in life is watching the ever wondering curiosity, creativity, and ‘Go For It! Life is Fantastic!’ attitude of her two herding dogs, 1 year old Wild Willow Woman (Border Collie) and 12 year old Chili Pepper, aka Grandpa Peppy (Australian Shepherd).  She is also a certified Reiki Master with training in Animal Intuitive Communication.


     Thank you, we appreciate your interest in learning more about MeadowLark Design, LLC.  We look forward to getting to know you.

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